Saturday, 29 May 2010

Margaret Sharrow - portfolio

Shrouded car (bird), 2010

cyanotype, silk, car

performance / installation piece currently being photographed around Wales and the UK

Gwasg Oriel Press publication forthcoming

dimensions 300 x 250 x 150 cm approx

Right: Shrouded car (bird), Ynyslas, C-type print, 2010

Shrouded forms, 2010

Ongoing series of mixed media; shown with current photographic and video work at Town Hall Café-Deli, 1-30 April 2010

Above: Shrouded hands (hair straightener), 2010

Guggenheim intervention, 2010

project for Re: Considering the Void, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York

Right: Guggenheim intervention, interior view, C-type print, 2010

Walking London, 2010

Ongoing photographic series exploring the fluid softness of apparently hard surfaces

Above: Walking London (Apollo Victoria Theatre), C-type print, 2010

Road trip, 2008 - present

Ongoing photographic series exploring the idea of the journey metaphor and time.

Above: Road trip, Llangybi, C-type print, 2009

Greenland, 2008

August - September 2008

Selected images exhibited at Greenland and Wales, Erwood Station Craft Centre and Gallery, Powys, UK, June 2009 and Shrouded forms, Town Hall Café-Deli, April 2010, and published in Qaqortoq, Gwasg Oriel Press 2010.

Above: Narsarssuaq Museum, Greenland, cyanotype, 2008

Eyes, 2008

silver gelatin prints

Exhibited Imaging the Bible, Aberystwyth University School of Art, May 2008

Above: Iwan, 2008, silver gelatin print

Time based media, 1990 - present

Above: Retrograde, video still, 1999

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