Saturday, 29 May 2010

Margaret Sharrow: archive

Margaret news archive

Lampeter lantern festival photos, December 2010

Announcing book of Margaret Sharrow's exhibition reviews, December 2010

'Footfall' video to accompany Susan Philipsz's 'Lowlands Away' downloadable to mobile phones from YouTube, December 2010

Albert Dock intervention, Liverpool, November 2010

'Soul group' at FACT, Liverpool, October 2010

'Soul group' at St Dogmaels Gallery Winter Show, Pembrokeshire, October 2010

Margaret Sharrow explores contemporary art, 3 November, October 2010

EMERGENCY WORDS: Margaret Sharrow performs at Lampeter, Manchester, Liverpool Biennial, September 2010

Margaret Sharrow's talk, 'Looking at art - or how did we get to contemporary art?', September 2010

Margaret Sharrow v. Fiona Banner: or why it's not safe to let me into the Tate, part 2, July 2010

FRAGILE: I'd better not drop it, July 2010

Current collage work, July 2010

'Shrouded artist' performance art, 10 June 2010

Degree show stars of Wales, June 2010

'12 Random Things About My Art' (February 2009), June 2010

Books and publications, May 2010

Qaqortoq published, May 2010

Shrouded car (bird) on BBC Mid Wales, April 2010

Shrouded forms news, April 2010

Shrouded forms announcement 2, April 2010

Shrouded forms announcement, April 2010

Shrouded forms announcement, March 2010

Shrouded forms announcement, February 2010

More news from Margaret, August 2009

Margaret news, July 2009

Degree show preparation, May 2009

Numinous Family announcement, May 2009

Degree show podcast interviews with artists, May 2009

Degree show announcement, May 2009

Greenland and Wales announcement, April 2009

Directions to Aberystwyth University School of Art, March 2009

Greenland talk, March 2009

Road Trip: Lacock Abbey (photographs), March 2009

Fashion icon? February 2009

Research and process presentation part 2, February 2009

Margaret's work on Tea With Warriors' Niagara album cover, February 2009

Research and process presentation part 1, January 2009

Winter walks (photographs), January 2009

Why it's not safe to let me into the Tate, December 2008

Margaret's work in St Dogmaels Gallery, near Cardigan, November 2008

Off to Wrexham! November 2008

Margaret's work at Free, Morlan Centre, Aberystwyth, November 2008

Margaret's piece from audio workshop, November 2008

Welcome to Margaret's blog, November 2008

Reviews archive

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