Saturday, 29 May 2010

Margaret Sharrow - current exhibitions

View on your mobile phone, with or without the memory of her Turner Prize-winning exhibition at Tate Britain
Winter show, St Dogmaels Gallery, near Cardigan, Pembrokeshire, Wales
30 October until February 2011

Friday 26 November

Video screening at FACT, Liverpool (cafe)
Friday 26 November, 5-9 pm

'Exploring contemporary art'
Talk and discussion, Wednesday 3 November, Lampeter Women's Workshop.


Performance, 9 September, Lampeter; 1 October, greenroom, Manchester; Liverpool Biennial, November date TBC.

What words would you want to have with you in an emergency, to comfort you, to save you? Audience volunteers write their chosen words on cards which are then attached to a life ring. A brief ceremony and an anonymous reading aloud of the words accompanies the displaying of the life ring.

Performance art, 10 June, Lampeter.

Mechanical things, electronic things - if they were to sleep, to dream, to die, what would they want to return as?

Currently being photographed at random locations around Wales and further afield.

The car that dreamed of being a bird, and flying to many places.

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