Friday, 16 April 2010

Dropping in at the Oxo cube: Stimulation for the Nation reviewon

Stimulation for the Nation, 15-25 April, Bicha Gallery and gallery@oxo, London. Photos this page copyright Margaret Sharrow 2010

Found myself at the opening for a smart little exhibition at the Oxo Cube (sorry, I mean Bicha) gallery on my way back from Tate Modern. I was quite taken with some of the Michael Kelly, and a few of the methods of presentation. Mini muffins were a nice touch on the nibbles front - one of them appeared briefly on one of the Kelly sculptures, but was gone before I could get the camera out. And I enjoyed hearing composer Lola Perrin play the piano. Thank you, serendipity, for this fine finish to a great day in London. 

Getting to gallery@oxo

From Tate Modern, follow the annoying diversion taking the river walk away from the river, and it will appear tucked away on the ground floor of the Oxo Tower, on your left. From Embankment tube, cross the river on the footbridge and keep going left past many of the South Bank attractions, including the skateboarders in their graffiti paradise, until you get to the Oxo Tower. 

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