Monday, 12 April 2010

'Shrouded forms' until April 30 in Lampeter's Town Hall Cafe

Artist in residence. Photo copyright Margaret Sharrow, 2010

Many thanks to everyone who called by during my gala event last weekend. I had a great time standing by my piece 'Shrouded car (bird)', sharing delicious deli canapes and talking with everyone. I had my photo taken, an offer to buy me sunscreen (fellow North Americans can't help worrying about potential health risks, and it was The Most Beautiful Day In Wales, Ever), loads of good wishes, cake and a drink bought for me at the end of the day by one of my top patrons, and even an invitation to a Buddhist wedding! A small boy squinted quizzically at the piece, and when I explained it to him ('Imagine the car is asleep, or dreaming, or dead, under its blanket. What would it want to wake up as? A bird!') he was slightly convinced. He was even more convinced by a spicy red pepper stuffed with cream cheese (face lit up, strolled away happy). 

I remain in residence, as it were, frequently lurking in the cafe with my work, until 30 April. But do let me know if you are coming especially to see me, as I'm not there all the time...

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