Saturday, 29 May 2010

Margaret Sharrow: Albert Dock intervention, Liverpool

EMERGENCY WORDS intervention, Albert Dock, Liverpool, 26 November 2010. Image copyright Margaret Sharrow, 2010

What happens when an object that is apparently perfectly in context (a life ring at a harbour) is taken out of context (walked around the harbour as if it was an oversized handbag)?

Not a performance as such, but an intervention. Walking by the National Maritime Museum. No public interaction requested, though plenty of people noticed, commented, wondered. Assumptions of purloining. A stunt? Official business? Improbably dressed harbour staff? A souvenir of Liverpool? Crime in progress? When standing still checking camera batteries, I was even mistaken for a museum wax model. Upon moving, startled teenagers concluded that perhaps I was a costumed museum interpreter/performer. 

As I explained to the apologetic and very polite dock security man, the life ring was provided by me on loan from the Harbourmaster at Aberaeron, i.e. NOT NICKED from the docks! 

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