Saturday, 29 May 2010

Margaret Sharrow's talk, 'Looking at art' - or how did we get to contemporary art?

Baffled, amused, or enraged by what's in galleries today? On Wednesday 29 September artist Margaret Sharrow will be giving an illustrated talk and discussion called 'Looking at art' - a friendly way into enjoying contemporary art. The event will take place at the Lampeter Women's Workshop, 10-3 pm, St James' Hall, Cwmann, on the Carmarthen road just outside Lampeter. All women aged 16 and over warmly welcome. £2.50 includes shared lunch, and the talk and discussion begin after lunch.

'It's a chance to explore some of the trends in art that have led to exciting contemporary work such as installations, performance art, and what's on at degree shows around the country,' says Sharrow. 'What are artists trying to say, and why are comment cards at the Tate full of statements like, "I could do better!"? Sometimes there's a gap between artists and the public. I'd like to try and bridge it, and to share some of the art that I find exciting.' And for men who'd like to attend? 'I'm sure I'll be giving the talk again, and others like it, at mixed-gender venues in the near future!'

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Posted 23 September 2010

The next talk, 'Exploring Contemporary Art', 3 November

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