Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Shrouded artist: 10 June, Poets & Peasants, Lampeter

As part of the ongoing sculptural series 'Shrouded forms', artist Margaret Sharrow presented Shrouded artist, a work of performance art that included a reading of the new 'Shrouded forms' poetry cycle, while herself wrapped in silk as a living sculpture. 

The piece was part of the occasional meetings of the Lampeter group Poets and Peasants, to which Sharrow has been connected for many years. 

Sharrow was assisted by group moderator Shirley Hall, for the shrouding and unshrouding of fifteen metres of silk organza that is normally part of Sharrow's sculpture Shrouded car (bird). 'I wasn't aware that I was at a point in my career where I would require an assistant, but Shirley was terrific,' said Sharrow. 'I'm continuing to work on both the sculpture series and the poem cycle.' 

Photos this page courtesy of Delyth, as directed by Margaret Sharrow

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