Saturday, 29 May 2010

'Soul group' screening at FACT in Liverpool: thanks to all who helped me put my foot in the door of the Biennial

FACT Liverpool, image copyright Margaret Sharrow 2010

Well, the title just about sums it up: on 26 November the sliding doors at FACT opened, thanks to curator Heather Corcoran, I slid in, set up my screening at the cafe, and spent an enjoyable evening showing my video 'Soul group' to the public, and chatting with many of you. Thanks to everyone who took the time to stop by (special thanks and astonishment go to the man and his wife who spotted me absorbed in my mocha and oversized chocolate chip cookie at the Brighton Museum on 4 December, recognised me, and came over to say hello again). Special thanks also to the member of the FACT team in the upstairs offices who offered me tea while I waited to 'go on', and to Tariq and Dave who looked after me so well downstairs (more tea!), and were so welcoming. And a big thanks to Heather for being so welcoming, discussing my work, her work, and the vagaries of being transplanted across the pond, however long ago.

If you missed it, don't worry, I'll be having lots of other screenings of 'Soul group' and other work - as soon as I have firm dates and locations, I'll post them here, and on Facebook and Twitter.

Just a reminder that if you are in West Wales, 'Soul group' is currently screening at St Dogmaels Gallery near Cardigan, as part of the Winter Show.

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