Friday, 17 December 2010

Hot off the press: blog entries from Margaret Sharrow in Greenland!

Greenland ice sheet and glacier, image copyright Margaret Sharrow 2008

I have entered an online contest to create a work of art I'm calling ULTIMATE STILLNESS at the North Pole and I need votes from the public to be one of the finalists. As a way of saying thank you, and to show how much I really, really want to go to the North Pole and to be the official blogger / artist on the wonderful expedition (via Helsinki, Murmansk and the remote islands of Franz Josef Land), I thought I’d do a little delayed blogging about my most recent Arctic expedition, to Greenland in 2008. (After all, the main purpose of that trip was photography and art - I did not become a blogger until after I was back at art school so most of my stories have been waiting patiently in storage since then.) Last night I sat down and got the ball rolling by looking at a few photographs, and, without any particular plan, had penned (or, rather, keyboarded) two thousand words in two hours. The plan is to deliver one installment of my Greenland adventures per day between now and the final day to vote for me in the contest - let’s call it the 14th of February, to avoid any issues of time differences for those having to calculate their local time versus Eastern Standard Time lest they accidentally vote too late on the last day.

So, vote for me, then sit back and enjoy the traveller’s tales (or better yet, forward them to your friends and ask them to vote for me as well!) I am not, like Scheherezade, asking for my life - though going to the North Pole would certainly be a turning point in my life - just for your vote. And in exchange, I’ll give you my stories. That seems fair enough, doesn’t it?

Please vote for me to be the official artist / blogger on an expedition to the North Pole!

Here's the archive of stories

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