Monday, 30 March 2009

Directions to Degree Show

My degree show will be at the Aberystwyth University School of Art, Buarth Mawr, Aberystwyth, from 25 May to 4 June, 2009. I will be providing directions to the School of Art on this page. Be aware that the School of Art is not on the main campus, nor is it the Arts Centre.

Link to a general map of the town and a closeup street map, both with the School of Art marked. (N.b.: Google Earth incorrectly marks the School of Art as being on the main campus, by the Arts Centre.)

Approaching Aberystwyth from the south (A487 coast road)

Approaching Aberystwyth from the south (A487 coast road), turn right at the first roundabout. Go down a steep hill and turn right again at the second roundabout, by McDonalds.

Cross two sets of railroad tracks

At the Llanbadarn Fawr mini roundabout, go left and follow the red signs for the hospital.

At the red sign for the hospital, turn left up the hill (shifting down into second gear first).

The road will bend right, then jiggle right/left, and then you will begin to travel downhill, and see the town below you. A phone box and post box are ahead of you. Turn left.

Straight ahead you will see the entrance to the School of Art.

You made it!

The School of Art, seen from below, with car park in front.

Approaching Aberystwyth from the east (A44)

As you enter Aberystwyth you will pass the Shell garage on your left. You will come to a mini roundabout soon after - turn left. Immediately there is another mini roundabout - turn right. This is the Llanbadarn Fawr roundabout described above. Proceed on the A44 until the red hospital sign, and turn left, following the directions above from this point on.

Approaching Aberystwyth from the north (A487)

Bow Street is a village several miles north of Aberystwyth, on the A487. Continue through Bow Street, past the turning for Comins Coch, and through Waun Fawr. The road will slope steeply downhill as the town and the sea come into view. Pass under a pedestrian overpass, go past the turning for the main university campus and the arts centre (on your left), go past the National Library of Wales (also on your left), and slow down as you pass Bronglais Hospital (also on your left). Soon after the hospital you come to a side street on your left, with a red sign with an H for hospital, marking the A&E entrance. Turn left on this street, turn immediately right at the T junction, follow the street round to the left past some nice Victorian houses, until you come to a junction (2 blocks). This is the A44. Look both ways, shift into second gear and drive straight ahead, up the hill. Follow this road as it bends right, then jiggles right/left, and starts to slope downwards. You will see a phone box and a post box straight ahead of you. Turn left at these, and the School of Art drive is straight ahead of you (as per the directions with photos above).

Directions from Aberystwyth rail station

Emerge from the train and turn right, walk straight ahead off the platform, passing Wetherspoons on your right. As you emerge onto the street turn right. Go past the bus stops. You will come to a mini roundabout with a gate on your right passing into a park avenue. Enter the park but leave it at the first set of steps that takes you onto a street that would make a left turn from the park. After one block turn right. Ahead of you is a drive with space for a row of cars to park on the right. Just before the parked cars, look left. There is a diagonal footpath heading up a small hill to the School of Art (the building in the last photo).

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