Monday, 11 May 2009

Aberystwyth University School of Art Degree Show Podcasts: Interviews with the Artists

Mind if I ask you to talk about your work into the microphone?
The following links, should they work (which is still a bit iffy, sorry), should take you to downloadable interviews with several of the students exhibiting at the Aberystwyth University School of Art Degree Show.

These links aren't working too well, sorry, but give it a try. You will go to Kiwi6 Filehosting, from where you click on the large, somewhat forbidding word 'Download'.

Interview with Ffion Davies (coming soon!)

Interview with Rob Perry (coming soon!)
If all else fails, if you can come to the degree show you can borrow my MP3 player from my exhibition space and listen to the interviews there. Press and hold the button on the player to start playing, twist the + / - dial to adjust volume (needs to be boosted up a bit louder), twist the dial with arrows to advance tracks or return to previous track. Press and hold the button to turn it off. (It makes amusing sound effects when you do this.) Please return the player to the table outside my installation, which is upstairs in the room on your right (the one with music playing but no tables and chairs), bear to the far left as you enter the room.

Background to the project

11 May
I'm working on a series of interviews with some of the students exhibiting in the upcoming Aberystwyth University School of Art degree show. Check back here soon - hopefully I'll be uploading informal interviews as mp3 files, which you can listen to here, download and even! - put on your mp3 player or iPod and bring to the exhibition, to have your very own Tate-style audio guide!

I've just been getting some technical help from Reuben Knutson and the latest is that while the audio files will certainly appear here, and be accessible from the blog, in order to download them you might have to link to a university webpage that we will create. Sorry in advance for the potential inconvenience, but Blogger seems to embed the files as Flash within the page. And I was so looking forward to posting a test podcast! (With no relevant content, just something to amuse...)

But we will prevail! Aber Uni's first ever degree show audio guide will be available right here, very, very soon! (Especially now that I am recording mp3 files, instead of not.)

19 May
Many thanks to the people who have participated so far. Please send me an e-mail with an image of your work, and if possible an image of an artist who influenced you if you mentioned one in your interview.

21 May
A second bronze statue to be erected, in honour of Reuben Knutson, who searched eleven (count 'em) websites that boasted you could upload mp3 files to create a link for downloading, until he found one that actually did what it said on the tin. Hopefully by sometime tomorrow I should be able to transfer the links here (it is taking an infernally long time to upload each file, even though the interviews are mostly brief).


Tea With Warriors said...

Hi Margaret,

I just downloaded the interviews to listen to- looking forward to that.
I think it's interesting that you let people just borrow your mp3 player like that to walk around the exhibition- in the U.S. we would definitely be afraid of someone stealing it!

Margaret Sharrow said...

Thank you so much, John. I'm learning that we just have to trust the universe with some things.

Also, it was a really cheap MP3 player, kind of chunky, and no screen or advanced features. Hardly any features of any kind, except play and stop!