Saturday, 29 May 2010

Peter Coviello at St Dogmaels Gallery, Pembrokeshire

Peter Coviello at St Dogmaels Gallery, Pembrokeshire. Photographs this page by Margaret Sharrow, 2010 - copyright for paintings remains with the artist

A lovely retrospective of this artist at the heart of the abstract expressionist movement in Britain, at St Dogmaels Gallery. I attended a talk at the exhibition in early July, and was surprised to find myself one of the only people there who hadn't met the artist in person before his death in 2006, making the experience oddly like a pleasant kind of wake. Quiet paintings, mostly, that grew on you the longer you were in their presence. They'd been stacked in his home and other places around this part of Wales, and were being assembled for an airing before various friends of the artist try to find homes for them with London dealers... how I wished I'd had the odd £300 to drop on one of the small gems - somehow I don't think they'll be available at that price for long.

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Bird in the House said...

Hi Margaret,
I was there at that talk! Peter was a dear friend and I had a collection of his work lodging with me prior to the show. I miss him.