Thursday, 27 November 2008

Links to galleries

A very subjective list of galleries with, eventually, links and reviews.


Buffalo, New York, USA

Albright-Knox Gallery
One of the top 20th century galleries in the States, but undervisited compared to the big names in the Big Apple. Where I developed a childhood love of all things Pop Art, first saw the Impressionists, and later grew to appreciate Abstract Expressionism. The Rothko, Pollack, de Kooning, and Clifford Still are still what I seek out on each return visit... along with Lucas Samaras' Mirrored Room.

Burchfield Penny Art Centre
Named after Charles Burchfield, American watercolour artist who lived in Buffalo, this newly revamped gallery is at Buffalo State College (known to Buffalonians, without irony, as Buff State), basically just across the road from the Albright-Knox. I haven't been there since the revamp...

Toronto, Canada

Art Gallery of Ontario

Most notable for the Henry Moore room (incredible!) and Group of Seven.



This list is just a start!

Tate Britain

Tate Modern

National Gallery

National Portrait Gallery

Victoria and Albert Museum

British Museum


Yes, you really can see art at all these places, and more...

National Museum of Wales, Cardiff

Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff

Prendre Gallery, Cardigan

Theatr Mwldan, Cardigan

St Dogmaels Gallery, near Cardigan

Mulberry Bush, Lampeter

Cafe Print, Lampeter

Gwilym C. Price, Son & Daughters, Lampeter

Oriel Cambria Arts, Tregaron

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

School of Art Museum and Gallery, Aberystwyth University

National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth

Ceredigion Museum and The Coliseum, Aberystwyth

Morlan Centre, Aberystwyth

Museum of Modern Art, Machynlleth

Oriel Wrecsam, Wrexham

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