Wednesday, 17 December 2008

Anne Desmet: Lunchtime lecture and exhibition

The popular Lunchtime Lecture series at the School of Art, begun by Miranda Whall, continued on 5 December with visiting artist Anne Desmet, a printmaker.

She was in conversation with Head of School Robert Meyrick in one of the galleries, surrounded by her own work.

No, I'm not going to write about the food again, except to mention that the team did another excellent job making sandwiches and nibbles available in an adjacent room.

Nor am I going to review the work as such, except to say that I admired the carefulness of it, and was surprised when she cited Piranesi and other Renaissance figures as primary influences before moving on to mention a couple of more modern names.

Her show is bookended by a second exhibition of works from the School of Art collection, along the lines of urban themes, complementing Desmet's work. And there are two Piranesis on view, as well as a nice study of the brave new M4 motorway by George Chapman, and other items of interest - so worth stopping by, though the galleries will be closing soon for the Christmas break.

The exhibitions continue until 23 January.

samples of Anne Desmet's work (details)