Thursday, 19 March 2009

Back in time: a trip to Lacock Abbey

Touring Lacock Abbey, copyright Margaret Sharrow 2009

A motley crew of photographers and art historians from Aberystwyth University's School of Art took a coach trip yesterday to visit the Lacock Abbey and William Henry Fox Talbot Museum.

It was a lovely hazy warm day and we had a tour of the abbey, as well as a chance to see the museum and wander the village's historic streets.

The outing was part of Chris Webster's course, History of Photography Part 1: Themes and Processes 1840-1940, or HOP1 for short.

William Henry Fox Talbot was a pioneer in the development of photography, and produced the first photographic negative that could be reproduced as a positive image.

View of Lacock Abbey, copyright Margaret Sharrow 2009

More information about Lacock Abbey:

Lacock Abbey is a National Trust property.

One of Fox Talbot's early negatives, which he called a photogenic drawing negative, was of Lacock Abbey. He used the abbey and the grounds as settings for many of his photographs.

Two of the Harry Potter films used Lacock Abbey as a setting for Hogwarts, and it has also appeared in other film and television productions.

Inevitably, Wikipedia discourses on Lacock Abbey, particularly about its film/TV connections.

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