Saturday, 26 September 2009

Aberystwyth University School of Art MA Show Opening

Chatting by Philippa Sibert's installation, 'Aloft: 300 Birds 300 Steps 6000 Miles'.
Photographs copyright Margaret Sharrow 2009

Last night's opening of the second Aberystwyth University School of Art MA show was both challenging and well-attended.

Quite frankly, I was overwhelmed by the crush just getting to the north room to see Philippa Sibert's excellent installation and Diane Heeks' latest developments in what I may have to, for the time being, call three dimensional abstract painting, hovering in a very interesting place somewhere between painting and sculpture.

As for getting into Ffion Nolwenn Roberts' installation of pinhole photography, I could only lift the black curtain on the door to be confronted by the woman attempting to enter ahead of me stepping back out, proclaiming, 'It's full.'

As Alice Farnworth, another student exhibiting pinhole photography (but not as we know it, Jim - on a massive scale!) said, 'I was afraid the crowd would be rather thin tonight, but I'm delighted by how many people have turned out.'

Here, here.

Note: all the photographs shown here were taken at the end of the evening, when, the wine having long since run out, there was finally room to swing a cat, or at least a compact digital camera.

Other work shown by Sebastian Gray, Chris Iliff, Colin John Leythorne, and Clare Rose, and will be described along with the others in due course, when I've had a chance to see the exhibition without all the people.

Exhibition continues until 9 October, Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

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